I was born on 9th April 1965 and my birth town is Rauma, Finland. To Turku (town in South-Western Finland), I moved on 1980 and it was since my home town. I have been in many working places and because I am so crazy to study, I have taken many courses and examinations. On summer 2017 I moved from Turku to Raisio (this is also South-Western town in Finland) and this is now my home town. The reason to make that move was… of course… the lady of my dreams.

On 2014 my musical interest awaked. I have always listened music since my kid time. As a kid age I played with electric organ and got my first touch to keyboards. It was in the 1970’s. Then many years passed by. Around 2010’s I had my second change to play again with electric organ. It was a keyboard connected to my PC. And in 2014 something happened, my interest to write music of my own awaked. In 2015 I got my first album Instrumental Small Device Music released. In May 2016 I published to singles – Dreaming of Sunday Night and Anthem for My Lady.

In 2016 I wrote again songs and on 31st October 2016 my second album Feel My Flow was released. Next, I took a little break and I returned back to write new music. My third single called For My Love was released 1st October 2017. One month later my fourth single Melodic Noise was published 1st November 2017. Some months later I wanted to try something new. So, I wrote a new single called The Road, which was released 15th February 2018.

I wanted to learn more about making music. So, I participated in three different Masterclass courses. They were: Electronic Music Production by Deadmau5, Film Scoring by Hans Zimmer and Making Dance Music by Armin van Buuren. I also started to take piano lessons for to develop my musical playing skills.

Next was a time to modify my studio. I got new Yamaha MODX8 synthesizer and I got some modules for my Logic Pro X. Of course I wanted to play with my new gears. And what happened. The time was ready for my sixth single called Feel Lifter, which was released 15th October 2019.

And what happened in the beginning of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic shocked whole world. People everywhere had to isolate and in some way the world was closed. This affected to so many people. Also I interrupted my piano lessons and I discontinued my lessons. Next, I wanted to make a fresh new start for my musical career and I took down all my production from commercial stores worldwide.

Then, like many other musicians, I wanted to write a song about this continuous pandemic situation. My first fresh single was called Rising Horizon. I named it in that way because I believed that some day this world crisis is over and we can leave this behind us. We will see new world waking up. My brand new single was released 1st June 2020.

Next year 2021 I wrote a new single called Exit to a New World which was published 1st May 2021. I wanted to believe that some day we can outdistance this COVID-19 pandemic and the world will recover it. But let’s see. I have started to think that the world will never be the same again.

One year passed by and I was so busy in my other activities that I did not had time for writing new music. But in the beginning of June (2022) a melody shaped in my head. One week later I sat down with my synthesizer and I played that melody. It sounded really good. So, I recorded five parts of it for my DAW and started to process new songs. I got it finished in few days and my third single Tomorrow’s World was released 1st July 2022.

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